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Foreclosure Lawyers are not all the same

Today I was in court and while I was waiting for my case to be heard I heard one of the bank’s foreclosure lawyer’s bragging about the house he just bought. He said it was s “steal’ because it was a short sale so he got it a great price. But what he was particularly proud of was the fact that he was the lawyer who foreclosed on the property on behalf of the bank! It was just surreal. This lawyer was proud of the fact that because he was able to benefit because of someone else’s misfortune. I swear if I closed my eyes I could picture Ebenezer Scrooge in the courtroom crowing about how he profited from someone else’s misery. If you know someone facing foreclosure, than tell them to call me first to discuss their options! 239-673-8991 or visit my website at ,  Mark Smith, Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney