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Southwest Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

It is crucial that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney promptly if involved in a pedestrian accident, as investigation into details needs to begin as soon as possible, to best support your case and protect your rights.  Smith & Valentine Law has been a trusted partner in Cape Coral and Southwest Florida for over 25 years – successfully advocating for personal injury victims.  Unfortunately, the disastrous combination of heavy traffic and numerous pedestrians in Florida is a recipe for catastrophic pedestrian accidents, and Florida’s percentage of these accidents is alarming.

Pedestrian accidents can happen for a variety of reasons.  Driver inattention, faulty traffic lights – or lack of pedestrian crossing safety measures, a careless driver – such as one that does not make a complete stop, or a confused driver – all may create conditions for accidents.  The warnings we receive from traffic authorities are no joke – such as not to text or use the phone while driving.   Age can be a factor, as well as aggressiveness in driving and drunk driving.

Contact the winning team of Smith & Valentine Law for your no-charge initial consultation. The success you deserve from your pedestrian accident personal injury claim begins with your call!

Why hire a board certified trial attorney?

Not all personal injury, wrongful death, property and contract disputes, insurance claims, and real estate foreclosures end up in court, but it is impossible to know which litigation will go to trial, and the process can seem daunting.

Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney has been recommended by peers and judges for this special designation, and has successfully passed an arduous written exam to earn the certification. In fact, according to the Florida Bar web site, there are only two Board Certified trial attorneys in the entire city of Cape Coral.

Board Certified Attorneys are especially well prepared to be your advocate throughout court proceedings because of our acquired knowledge, experience and dogged attention to detail. We have to be able to command attention and speak persuasively with an understanding of courtroom dynamics. In a situation where one mistake can mean the difference between a positive or negative outcome, a board certified civil trial advocate like Smith & Valentine Law can ensure that your legal rights are well protected.

How do I choose the right Attorney?

  • What was your impression after meeting with a prospective attorney for the first time?
  • Did the attorney have enough experience and education to make you feel confident in their abilities?
  • What is the attorney’s area of expertise? Does it align with your situation?
  • Did the attorney understand your concerns?
  • Did the attorney clearly explain the law related to your potential lawsuit?
  • Were you treated in a professional manner?
  • How did you learn about the attorney? Were you referred by a friend, relative or business contact or were you motivated by a TV or phone book advertising?